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The National Democratic Congress remains deeply committed to the principles and values of Social Democracy.

As Social Democrats, we subscribe to a compassionate political philosophy that seeks to create opportunities for all to develop to their fullest potential

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creating opportunities for all

Our overarching goal is to deliver Jobs, Prosperity and More. To achieve this, John Dramani Mahama will focus on delivering on the following development priorities over the next four (4) years

We will create not only jobs, but sustainable and decent jobs so that people can live dignified lives
The gender balance in our leadership signifies inclusive and participatory democracy, which prioritises the needs of all.

Fixing the Economy

Local economic development (LED) will be the bedrock of our national development strategy. We shall reposition agriculture and agribusiness as the key driver for Ghana’s economic growth and development

Healthy today, healthy tomorrow

Every Ghanaian deserves quality, accessible and affordable healthcare, the NDC has always initiated and contributed significantly over the years, to building a working health system for Ghanaians

Globally Competitive and Quality Education

It is our firm belief that the human resource of our great nation is the most valuable asset. Education for the future: Yes – we can still do more. We will do more. In the next four years, we’ll improve 175 senior high schools and build 146 new ones


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The Big Push

$10 billion Fund to build robust infrastructure like roads, railways, port expansion, inland ports, hospitals, social housing and multipurpose markets in every part of the country

Social Protection

strengthen the legal and policy framework for the protection of the rights of women, children and persons with disabilities and vulnerable persons

Digitally Functional Economy

Transition Ghana into a fully digitised, cash lite and advanced economy. Universally accessible and affordable internet for all

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